Raising Children and Teenagers with Confidence


Today we welcomed Jen from The City of Edinburgh Council who came to answer people’s questions around parenting.  She discussed how certain behaviours are common across most teenagers which is helpful to know because sometimes parents can think it is just them.  For example, they may isolate a lot or be embarrassed to be seen with their parents. This is quite typical for many teenagers, and it is helpful to remember the effect hormones can have on us.

With regard to managing children’s behaviour, Jen spoke about really encouraging good behaviour, and when behaviour becomes challenging to acknowledge it and to give yourself time and space to think of an appropriate response e.g by saying…”What you have done has really upset me and has taken a lot of time to sort out, I need to think about how you can make this up to me.”  Jen spoke about communication being key in any part of our relationships with children and teenagers and emphasised that it is never too late to being building a healthy relationship and learning how to communicate well.


The group enjoyed chatting with Jen about how to deal with particular issues, and, as we always like to encourage, it is good to look after your own mental health, as this will help give confidence for all of the above.

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