Healing the inner child


Today at the group we discussed how traumatic experiences from childhood can still have a negative impact on us today.  Even now as adults, the child inside us can still prove to be the more dominant voice.  Because of this, people may grow up thinking they are bad and have guilt.  As these were issues group members could relate to we looked at ways which could help nurture the inner child, assisting the adult to have more compassion for their younger self.  One of the ideas was to write a letter to your inner child, making sure it was being comforted and saying “it’s not your fault”, “you’re not a bad person”. By doing this you are showing the same compassion for your inner child just like you would e.g  for  your own children.

Below are excerpts from http://www.self-help-and-self-development.com

It is said that every grown up person has a child hidden inside him or her. In our day to day activities we behave as adults because we are adults and have to behave like adults. However, the childhood that we lived and experienced still lies inside us in the form of memories. For some of us, these memories are sweet, for some they are not so sweet.

Depending upon how we have spent our childhood, the child inside us may be happy, sad, adventurous, timid, brave, frightened, extrovert or introvert. It has been observed that our adult behaviour can be a reflection of our inner child. If you wish to change your adult behaviour, then affirmations for the inner child can help you.

The inner child is often described as the artistic, creative, imaginative and dreamer part of us. It is the fun loving, playful, wonder seeking entity that resides within us.

Why does the inner child still reside inside us even after we have grown up? Why does it still need attention? There could be many reasons. Some of us had to grow up very fast and the child in us never got enough time to grow up. In some cases the small child had to play the roles of ‘mum’ and ‘dad’. It never did get to be the child that it really was. Some children were abused. Their hurt was never healed. So many reasons are possible.

If the inner child is not fully healed, we may take life too seriously. Play, fun and laughter become alien to us. We may even find it difficult to enjoy with our own children. Life becomes a chore. So, healing the inner child is important. 

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