Learning to believe in yourself


In the group today we further explored assertiveness.  Feeling comfortable enough to be able to say “Yes” or “No” without feeling bad can be a challenging prospect due to learnt experiences.  In order for people to have more self-compassion and to be more assertive when required the group now use a “Bill of Rights” which focuses on respect for oneself and others.  (Please see  below)

Everyone’s Bill of Rights

To be treated with respect

as a capable and equal human being

To have and express your own feelings, values and opinions

Without having to justify or make apologies

To be listened to, and taken seriously

To set your own priorities and state your own needs

and to be yourself; not necessarily what other people expect or what you to be

To say “Yes” or “No” for yourself

without feeling guilty or selfish

To have the right to make mistakes

and to change your mind sometimes

To ask for what you want

while accepting that asking does not always mean getting

To say “I don’t understand”

To choose not to assert yourself

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