Raising Children and Teenagers with Confidence

Today we welcomed Jen from The City of Edinburgh Council who came to answer people’s questions around parenting.  She discussed how certain behaviours are common across most teenagers which is helpful to know because sometimes parents can think it is just them.  For example, they may isolate a lot or be embarrassed to be seenContinue reading “Raising Children and Teenagers with Confidence”

Healing the inner child

Today at the group we discussed how traumatic experiences from childhood can still have a negative impact on us today.  Even now as adults, the child inside us can still prove to be the more dominant voice.  Because of this, people may grow up thinking they are bad and have guilt.  As these were issues group members couldContinue reading “Healing the inner child”

Learning to believe in yourself

In the group today we further explored assertiveness.  Feeling comfortable enough to be able to say “Yes” or “No” without feeling bad can be a challenging prospect due to learnt experiences.  In order for people to have more self-compassion and to be more assertive when required the group now use a “Bill of Rights” which focuses on respectContinue reading “Learning to believe in yourself”

What does the word “suicide”conjure up in people?

We started a discussion today about the way we talk about ‘Suicide’.  The word itself can cause shock and shame, perpetuating the taboo around speaking about suicide.  We still commonly hear the phrase ‘Commit Suicide’ even though it was decriminalized in 1961 to attempt suicide.  We are beginning to discuss the language that we use,Continue reading “What does the word “suicide”conjure up in people?”