Learning new ways to deal with stressful situations

stressToday we had our annual group BBQ in the back garden of Simpson House and used the group room to stay in from the rainy Scottish weather! We had an informal group but still had space for group members to say how they were.

When people feel very stressed or in despair it can feel like there is no way out.  This can feel overwhelmingly bleak and can lead to suicidal feelings if we have not developed healthy ways to cope.  Overwhelming negative thoughts and feelings can be like powerful waves threatening to submerge us and  if someone has usually coped by engaging in behaviors dangerous to their life and health, it can take time and support to learn new helpful and safer ways to deal with a flood of emotions and distressing thoughts.

The real challenges come when out of the blue, we can experience devastating life changing events we had not anticipated.  Coping with such situations requires inner strength coming from a initial decision which says ” I am setting my stall out; my decision is to keep myself safe no matter what life throws at me”.  We are stronger when we make a decision rather than waiting to see what happens, as this leaves us vulnerable.

It is crucially important to believe in yourself; you do have the strength to make this decision, you are able to see this through and make good decisions for yourself.

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