Helping one another through tough times


People in the group today were struggling with some really tough situations.  As we chatted, it was tangible that people began to feel lighter and were able to report that they felt better at the end of the group than they had felt on arrival.

We talked about having to wear a mask and keep going for other people which is tiring, so it was helpful for people to have the respite and support of the group to talk honestly about how they feel.

With summer holidays upon us and the kids off school, we talked about how good it is to have a holiday, and those who had been away, even a short break not too far away, really felt the benefit of having a breather away from every day stresses.  We also discussed the importance of self-care, which is quite a common theme, but again if we continually feel obliged, duty bound or made to feel guilty into denying our own needs to look after the needs of others, we can get stressed and even burn out.  Please feel free to look at our Pinterest board about self-care

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