Learning new ways to deal with stressful situations

Today we had our annual group BBQ in the back garden of Simpson House and used the group room to stay in from the rainy Scottish weather! We had an informal group but still had space for group members to say how they were. When people feel very stressed or in despair it can feel likeContinue reading “Learning new ways to deal with stressful situations”

A New App For Mood Discovery

This week we had Maciej and Diwakar as guests at our group introducing people to the Soulight mood app.  “Using a combination of colors, music and descriptive words it allows you to find your mood in seconds. It helps you to find out where you are and connect with yourself to keep you well.” MoreContinue reading “A New App For Mood Discovery”

Music Is What Feelings Sound Like

Today we did an exercise around music and what it means for us.  We used some of the methods from “Turntable” which is a project that helps individuals and communities connect through music and story.  Some of the questions included What music were you listening to when you were 10 and what influenced that? What musicContinue reading “Music Is What Feelings Sound Like”

Helping one another through tough times

People in the group today were struggling with some really tough situations.  As we chatted, it was tangible that people began to feel lighter and were able to report that they felt better at the end of the group than they had felt on arrival. We talked about having to wear a mask and keepContinue reading “Helping one another through tough times”