The Power of Storytelling to Release a Personal Journey

Storytelling I

We told two stories today from two different cultures but both with the same message about how the common experience of grief can relieve the isolation of bereavement.  In both stories the realisation of the individual that no home is without a story of sorrow is what sets her free to grieve and accept the loss.  People in the group listened to the stories in different ways; some identified with the character’s experiences of grief and then reflected on how being able to talk about it allows them to start on a new leg of their journey.  Others enjoyed the relaxation of being told a story, and still, others appreciated the story without necessarily identifying with it.

After the stories we were able to talk about the process of grief and loss, in a culture where people are often afraid of this subject, yet it is important that people are able to express whats going on for them in that process and the group today provided this opportunity.

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