Hormones Affecting Moods


Not that any of us are Endocrinologists, in fact I can’t even say that word, and only very recently learnt what it meant, but we could commonly acknowledge that we are affected by our hormones.  Women perhaps (stereo-typically?) are more likely to acknowledge mood changes affected by hormones than men.  However, we all have about 200 hormones doing different jobs around the body, and only a small number are gender specific.  So we just had a quick scan of a few really to see which ones maybe affecting our mood if they are out of balance, and how we can regulate them and make them happy again, so we feel better.  We looked at this page from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition as it gave a nice overview.  Please click the link below for more details. http://www.ion.ac.uk/information/onarchives/hormonesbalance Basically, what we learned was that a balanced diet, regular exercise, sleep and relaxation should regulate our hormones.  However, if we have symptoms causing fatigue, mood swings, disturbed sleep or skin and hair changes this may signify that some of our hormones are out of balance and medical advice should be sought. What we noticed is that a lot of information is geared towards women, most of whom will be familiar with how they are affected by the female hormones throughout life.  However men can be adversely affected by a drop in testosterone levels causing mood swings and irritability, this mostly occurs as men get older (grumpy old man?)  but can occur in younger men and can be treated.  The condition is called ‘Irritable Male Syndrome’. It is not just the male and female hormones (aka estrogen and testosterone) which affect mood, again please refer to the above link which explains some other effects. As a group we discussed the difference we felt when at times having had hormone imbalances regulated by medication e.g. maybe thyroxine or ‘the pill’ it helped us to see how powerfully our hormones can affect how we feel, and how strong and despairing our emotions can become and how effective it is when we get proper treatment for this, and we can feel back to ourselves again.

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