What is self-harm?

It was nice to welcome Merrick Pope to the group today as a guest.  Merrick works for the NHS in the self-harm service.  Merrick explained what her role entails and what the different services are within the self- harm service.  The group went on to have discussions around the different forms of self-harm and what the differencesContinue reading “What is self-harm?”

Talking about it helps

As group members today shared about different issues and problems going on in their lives, it was refreshing that people listened objectively and could offer and suggest solutions which maybe hadn’t occurred to them.  Sometimes we can keep things in our head and they can seem heavy for us but if we share them theyContinue reading “Talking about it helps”

The Power of Storytelling to Release a Personal Journey

We told two stories today from two different cultures but both with the same message about how the common experience of grief can relieve the isolation of bereavement.  In both stories the realisation of the individual that no home is without a story of sorrow is what sets her free to grieve and accept theContinue reading “The Power of Storytelling to Release a Personal Journey”

Hormones Affecting Moods

Not that any of us are Endocrinologists, in fact I can’t even say that word, and only very recently learnt what it meant, but we could commonly acknowledge that we are affected by our hormones.  Women perhaps (stereo-typically?) are more likely to acknowledge mood changes affected by hormones than men.  However, we all have aboutContinue reading “Hormones Affecting Moods”