Being Productive


We had a smaller group this week due to other members attending “A Sense of Belonging” -a joint strategy for improving the mental health and wellbeing of Lothian’s population.  This was inspiring because there are so many amazing people out there helping others, so many incredible services, what is needed is awareness of what is available.  It was very clear from so many stories that there is hope out there, it is important that these voices get heard.

Meanwhile, back at Simpson House…the rest of us were thinking about similar issues. Firstly we are hugely encouraged to see a group member who went through a very difficult time is now much better, more confident, and full of ideas, and we were tapping into these for ways to raise awareness of our group.

A couple of years ago we successfully applied for and received funding from the Scottish Recovery Consortium.  The remit for receiving this funding was in order to promote the Choose Life @ Simpson House Group.  We designed and had leaflets printed.  With the group running low in numbers we wish to look at how we use the rest of the money in order to promote the group, whilst at the same time promoting the wellbeing of group members-as has been encouraged by the Scottish Recovery Consortium as a valid way to use the funding.  So, our super plan is to book a day away for existing group members involving a nice lunch and a treat e.g. massage and to spend the day being creative about promoting the group for those who may not be aware of the service, and also to think about how to reach those not currently in contact with any services and who are isolated.

After some amazing strategic thinking we played with our new social media tool-Pinterest. As ever we acknowledge the hard times but our aim is the movement from these places, having fun is an important part of this, and an important part of wellbeing in general.  We can laugh even in the darkest times.  So, we also enjoyed a wee clip of comedy before bagels for lunch.  Our new favourite.

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