I realised I can’t kill myself so I’m learning how to live


When someone is in such a desperate place of wanting to take their own life it may seem that there is no hope for them.  One of the biggest aims of this group is to help people see that there is hope for them.  Mutual support of group members can make a massive difference to their well-being, increasing hope and building resilience.  This is all done in a supportive manner while encouraging self-responsibility.  While individuals have had different life experiences they can all relate to the feelings these experiences bring.  In the group people do talk about ending their lives and share experiences of times when they have tried to do so.  No matter how bad the week has been people still manage to make it to the group, which shows immense courage and determination on their part.  If people have tried to take their own life but not succeeded, they are able to explore their feelings about this in the safety of the group.  At this point most people are glad they are still here and did not die.  There was an instance where someone took an overdose but vomited the pills back up.  This has been a symbolic experience for the individual as it made them realise that they aren’t able to kill themselves and so need to learn how to live. Since this incident, the individual’s mental health has improved dramatically and they are learning ways to have good self-care. Stories like this can inspire hope in others.

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