Mental Health Awareness Week


Today we talked about childhood, and happy times group members had while on family holidays.  This led us on to discussing teenage years and how hard the transition can be from child to adult.  What emerged was how experiences from our childhood/teenage years can have a big impact on us as adults.

A big part of this group is being able to have fun, so we played a few fun games.  We played two truths and a lie, three items you would take with you while stranded on a desert island and who is your hero.  The games brought up a few laughs especially when someone kept on saying 3 truths and forgetting to say a lie!

It’s so encouraging to see a lot of organisation doing something for Mental Health Awareness Week.  If we can all work together to help raise awareness and reduce stigma around mental health others we will have a better and more tolerant society.  For more information on Mental Health Awareness Week please click

In light of it being Mental Health Awareness Week below are 10 ways to look after your mental health;

  1. Talk about your feelings
  2. Keep active
  3. Eat well
  4. Drink sensibly
  5. Keep in touch
  6. Ask for help
  7. Take a break
  8. Do something you’re good at
  9. Accept who you are
  10. Care for others

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