The experience of getting through tough times


While group members have been finding life challenging what cannot be disputed is their levels of strength while going through these times.  As human beings we can sometimes be our own harshest critics, all too readily dismissing our many talents.   Members are so good at supporting each other and can easily champion the qualities in other members but find it hard to see their own strengths.  Part of the group’s aims is to help people find their own qualities and build up levels of self-awareness.  Going through hard times can be so emotionally draining but can ultimately lead on to feelings of  liberation that you managed to “get though it”.  Having build up a lot of resilience and knowledge due to hard times in life, we can be better equipped to deal with things life throws at us.

*Characteristics shared by emotionally resilient people

Emotional Awareness: They can identify what they are feeling and why they are feeling that way; i.e. “I’m not feeling sad, I’m feeling angry (the feeling) about what Jean said in class today (the event) because it hurt my feelings (the reason).

Perseverance: the motto here might be “the only way to get through it is to go through it.” Resilient people are often action oriented and don’t give up, even if they are not succeeding or doing things perfectly.

Internal Locus of Control: These people believe that they are in control of themselves most of time and that they have a choice in most situations.

Optimism: Resilient people can see or find the positive aspects in most situations and believe they will handle whatever comes along.

Support: They know the value of social support and are able to find and surround themselves with supportive friends and family.

Perspective: Resilient people are able to learn from their mistakes rather than deny them, see obstacles as challenges to be overcome or adjusted to, and find meaning in difficult situations rather than seeing themselves as a victim of uncontrollable circumstances.

Sense of humor: They are able to laugh at themselves and life’s difficulties as a way of coping with something unpleasant.

Handling troublesome emotions: They have the capacity to manage strong feelings and impulses rather than give into*

*From American Psychological Association: Help Center;*

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