Being Productive

We had a smaller group this week due to other members attending “A Sense of Belonging” -a joint strategy for improving the mental health and wellbeing of Lothian’s population.  This was inspiring because there are so many amazing people out there helping others, so many incredible services, what is needed is awareness of what isContinue reading “Being Productive”

Stinking Thinking

Today we looked at our thought processes and realised how sometimes our thinking can go to automatic negative or worrying thoughts. We wanted to explore what our thoughts are.  Are they rational and do I have any evidence to validate these thoughts. An example is my close friend who usually phones me every Friday night, but thisContinue reading “Stinking Thinking”

I realised I can’t kill myself so I’m learning how to live

When someone is in such a desperate place of wanting to take their own life it may seem that there is no hope for them.  One of the biggest aims of this group is to help people see that there is hope for them.  Mutual support of group members can make a massive difference to their well-being, increasing hope andContinue reading “I realised I can’t kill myself so I’m learning how to live”

Mental Health Awareness Week

Today we talked about childhood, and happy times group members had while on family holidays.  This led us on to discussing teenage years and how hard the transition can be from child to adult.  What emerged was how experiences from our childhood/teenage years can have a big impact on us as adults. A big part ofContinue reading “Mental Health Awareness Week”

The experience of getting through tough times

While group members have been finding life challenging what cannot be disputed is their levels of strength while going through these times.  As human beings we can sometimes be our own harshest critics, all too readily dismissing our many talents.   Members are so good at supporting each other and can easily champion the qualities in otherContinue reading “The experience of getting through tough times”