Learning how to live


Today we focused on how we might move out of difficult places and explored a few things around ‘What Helps Me In My Recovery?’ The group suggested things like Chocolate (in moderation!), Exercise, Being with others, Phone support, Listening to advice from GP, Being kind to self, Good choices about well-being, Using safecards, Using services, Friends, Caring for pets and children.  We asked ‘What good things did you manage you thought you wouldn’t?’  People had surprised themselves by achieving things like DIY projects, establishing a routine, making journeys alone (to London is particularly challenging) and attending events.

Next we attempted to locate three Happy Memories, people were able to get into contact with various situations in which they had felt happy including things like having a pet, or sharing a passing smile with a stranger, finally we looked at times where we have helped others which everyone had done in big and small ways from giving directions to raising children, and we can all think of times where the group have helped one another through difficulties.
By doing this exercise we counted up the good things, small things can add up to make life worth living. And while we are looking optimistically to the future we came up with a few suggestions for the May/June programme.

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