How do you doodle?


Some group members were a bit more inspired with life today and had got stuck in doing some things they enjoy, while others where struggling.  In life we can have good and bad days, but the good thing about this group is that people are always welcome to attend no matter what their mood is.  The presence of other people in the group can raise hope for people who are not doing so well.

Geoffrey joined us as a guest today and gently took us on a journey to think about what goals we may have, or even to form some in the first place.  Geoffrey uses doodling as an art form and talked about how slowly doodling (which comes from the word dawdling) can help us to stop and gather our thoughts and can actually take our thoughts from dark places as we become absorbed in the task.  We also considered how our goals can sometimes be a long time in coming and being formed.  Geoffrey was asked how the name of his blog, Thin Silence, came about; It is from a story where a prophet is waiting for God to speak.  Contrary to expectation God did not speak through the earth quake, or through the fire but he spoke through a gentle whisper.  So in life our most powerful messages may not come loudly but through a thin silence.

We would once again like to thank Geoffrey for giving up his time to come to the group.

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