Learning how to live

Today we focused on how we might move out of difficult places and explored a few things around ‘What Helps Me In My Recovery?’ The group suggested things like Chocolate (in moderation!), Exercise, Being with others, Phone support, Listening to advice from GP, Being kind to self, Good choices about well-being, Using safecards, Using services,Continue reading “Learning how to live”

How do you doodle?

Some group members were a bit more inspired with life today and had got stuck in doing some things they enjoy, while others where struggling.  In life we can have good and bad days, but the good thing about this group is that people are always welcome to attend no matter what their mood is.Continue reading “How do you doodle?”

The Fear of being loved

Today group members talked of how hard it can be for them to react to comments made by others about them, be that negative or indeed positive.  We also discussed how people may find it easier not to get close to anyone for fear of rejection or of being let down. A lot of these issues have been due toContinue reading “The Fear of being loved”