Looking at the Pros and Cons of life


Following on from our group a couple of weeks ago when we were looking at the battle between wanting to live and wanting to die, we went a little deeper in this session and discussed what happens when people get to thinking ‘what is the point?’  We had a bold discussion looking honestly about what the perceived costs and benefits are of living and dying.    Please see the table below showing the lists discussed during the session and the positive conclusion that the group came to after having done this exercise.

Costs and Benefits of taking my life

Taking my life  costs 2

Costs and Benefits of continuing to live

Continue living costs 2

What was encouraging was that as the group looked at these lists, they realised that the benefits of continuing living were bigger than they thought they would be, and they realised how final the option of death was and that there would be no further opportunity for healing.  The group were able to also have some humour in doing this exercise because of the honest and non-judgemental environment.  Also this week we were delighted to hear from two group members who have not been able to come for a while and we are really looking forward to welcoming them back soon.

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