Escaping into Storytelling


I wonder what sort of images start to form in your mind when somebody begins to tell you a story, of a castle, a beautiful princess and a peculiar one. Of princes, kings and battles with trolls. We had the experience today of hearing a story being told, in the old tradition passed down from Nordic and Scottish tradition, where thousands of ancient stories with layers of meaning, all relevant to our modern day lives were learnt by generation after generation of folk who learned them from what they saw, what their mind conceived and how felt their heart. For a group of people with some troubles this was a relaxing experiencing, a different kind of place created for the mind to wander into, and around, and explore, and maybe even find some comfort or wisdom for their own situation.

The group would like to thank Ruth Kirkpatrick for coming and telling us a story.  More information about Ruth’s storytelling can be found by clicking the link

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