Looking at the Pros and Cons of life

Following on from our group a couple of weeks ago when we were looking at the battle between wanting to live and wanting to die, we went a little deeper in this session and discussed what happens when people get to thinking ‘what is the point?’  We had a bold discussion looking honestly about whatContinue reading “Looking at the Pros and Cons of life”


A constant theme for people who attend the group is how they how they suffer from constant negative thoughts and worry.  Having these can leave people feeling so tired and emotionally drained.  In light of this, group members thought it would be a good idea to look at relaxation techniques.  Below is some of the theory behind mindfulnessContinue reading “Relaxation”

All working together to raise hope

As per one of our group’s aims – we want to help shape the way that other services support people affected by suicide.  Over the 2 years since the group has been running we have been very fortunate to have met up with and made many good links with lots of excellent services who all seem to shareContinue reading “All working together to raise hope”

The battle between wanting to live or die

  We discussed with people what it is at the point of wanting to die that has become so unbearable that the desire to die becomes stronger than the desire to live, and then what can bring hope back again? People said that they experienced feelings of worthlessness, uselessness, overwhelmed and that life feels pointless.Continue reading “The battle between wanting to live or die”

Escaping into Storytelling

I wonder what sort of images start to form in your mind when somebody begins to tell you a story, of a castle, a beautiful princess and a peculiar one. Of princes, kings and battles with trolls. We had the experience today of hearing a story being told, in the old tradition passed down from NordicContinue reading “Escaping into Storytelling”