Getting back up when you’re down

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People shared about difficult times today; when life feels unbearable and the urge of suicide is luring.    As ever, we encouraged people to share what can be really helpful at these times, and just simply sharing hard times can make someone feel better because they realise they are not alone in feeling low as others have been there and have come through it; this can raise hope.  When we are in the experience of being in a dark place we can believe that life will never feel any better, so something which can shift this perception is helpful, for example; others who believe in you and for your recovery, or remembering your previous experiences of coming through hard times.  Some people remember to tell themselves ‘this too will pass’. One of the ideas for a future meeting is to explore the common thought which assails many, asking ‘What’s the point of me being here?  Who would even miss me?’

Some shared about their use of social media sites and how supportive this can be, whilst emphasising the importance of taking great care with whom you allow to be friends with and see your page.  Others were encouraged to get connected on-line.

We realised today that the ongoing work of reducing stigma is vitally important as many in society respond to those in distress by suggesting things like when the sun comes out they will feel better, rather than recognising that the anguish and turmoil is internal.

During the meeting energy levels were raised  as we did some future planning.  This created a lot of enthusiasm and productive ideas for the future.

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