Stigma and discrimination


Following on from last week’s meeting with Rebekah from the “See me campaign” the group talked about their experiences of stigma and discrimination regarding their health. Below are some of the unhelpful things people were told;

  • “Depression is just a bad mood”
  • “People that go to that group must be loonies”
  • “You’ll maybe feel better tomorrow”
  • “What have you go to be depressed about?”
  • “Just pull yourself together”
  • “Stop feeling sorry for yourself”

To balance the discussion, someone actually commented on how they gained employment through their depression being classed as a disability.

The group will work further with the “See me campaign” to help make stigma and discrimination a thing of the past.

Finally, we looked at the challenges being a parent can bring.  At times people can question their ability as a parent and be very hard on themselves, forgetting the qualities they bring to their children.  That is why it is so beneficial  for parents to have the space to talk about how they feel without fear of judgement.  It is so helpful for someone to know that there are others who have gone through similar experiences and came out the other side. Having these feelings while dealing with the challenges of parenting does not necessarily make you a bad parent.

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