It’s a WRAP

Key Recovery Concepts Today we were focusing on how people can take care of themselves when in a very low and difficult place.  For some this may be the achievement of just managing to get out of bed and get dressed, for others its things like being able to find distraction in a good book.Continue reading “It’s a WRAP”

Getting back up when you’re down

People shared about difficult times today; when life feels unbearable and the urge of suicide is luring.    As ever, we encouraged people to share what can be really helpful at these times, and just simply sharing hard times can make someone feel better because they realise they are not alone in feeling low as othersContinue reading “Getting back up when you’re down”

Learning About The Benefits Of Exercise

Today, our guest was Katie, from the Healthy Active Minds Programme.  She came to talk to us about what she does as part of Edinburgh Leisure and how exercise can help to improve our mental health.  Anyone with mild to moderate mental health problems like depression, anxiety or stress can be referred to the programme by their doctor,Continue reading “Learning About The Benefits Of Exercise”

Stigma and discrimination

Following on from last week’s meeting with Rebekah from the “See me campaign” the group talked about their experiences of stigma and discrimination regarding their health. Below are some of the unhelpful things people were told; “Depression is just a bad mood” “People that go to that group must be loonies” “You’ll maybe feel betterContinue reading “Stigma and discrimination”