Movement for change

see me 2Today we discussed how childhood experiences can play a massive part in the way people see themselves today.  It was really beneficial for group members to be able to reflect on their own childhood to make some sense of what made them who they are today.  As a result of this discussion, members could challenge unhelpful thoughts they had of themselves while being supported by others in the group.

It was good to welcome Rebekah Moore from the ‘See Me’ campaign. ‘See me’ is Scotland’s National Programme to end mental health stigma and discrimination, enabling people who experience mental health problems to live fulfilled lives.  Group members really engaged in discussions with Rebekah about their experiences of discrimination and looked at ways they can work together as part of the movement to end mental health stigma and discrimination.  The group would like to thank Rebekah for taking the time to visit the group.  For further information on ‘See Me’ please click the link below;


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