Positive Habits


Cartoon by Geoffrey Baines

It was really nice to welcome Geoffrey Baines back to the group as our guest speaker.

Some of the topics we covered today included motivation and energy.  Some of the things that energized group members were;

  • Music
  • Dance
  • Running
  • Healing
  • Swimming
  • Films

When feeling low and depressed we can tend to lose interest in things we would normally enjoy doing.  It can seem a chore to set the alarm or to even get out of bed to do these things even though we know we will probably feel a lot better for doing it.  This led us on to looking at motivation and discussing the things we put in place to achieve these things. If you are going to the gym for example, it is not the gym itself that is the motivating factor, it could be arranging the transport to take you there.  Arranging your transport is the habit because it pre-creates the desired activity.  One of the ideas that came up for people who are struggling to get out of bed was for someone to use one of their favourite pieces of music set up as an alarm to go off.  We then discussed the characters in the classic 1939 film; The Wizard of Oz.  As Dorothy,  the Scarecrow, the Tin man, and the the lion were all travelling on the yellow brick road to see the wizard they actually already had all the qualities inside them that they wanted from the wizard and discovered they had already been using them on their journey.

We thought we would use Geoffrey’s cartoon picture for this post as it conveys such a good perspective on events to think of three things a day to which you can say; “That went well”.  This resonated well with our weekly round up of the ‘Good notice board’.

We would like to thank Geoffrey for giving us his time and further inspiring us.

Please click on the link below to see more of Geoffrey’s work:









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