Good Sleep and On line Social Networking (though maybe not at the same time!)

In the midst of overwhelming struggles we identified that a disrupted sleep pattern and isolation can make things feel far worse, so we looked at ways to address these.  People found that getting up at the same time everyday was very helpful to maintaining a routine, as was eating regularly each day.  We looked at a Twitter thread about self care leading up to Christmas called #25daysofselfcare and found that other people were reporting the same things.  Among other ideas which were helpful was keeping a positive jar, and everyday putting something good in it, as it was acknowledged that even on a really bad day there will be a little glimmer of something good, attending the group and other local services was also very helpful, especially for breaking isolation. social mediaUse of online connections was something else that was very helpful to people, particularly because contacts can be world wide, which means that if you are having a horrible time at 3am in the morning, there are people on the other side of the world who you can connect with for support.  We intend to have a group soon focusing on how to use social media sites as not everyone feels confident.  We discussed the use of Twitter, Facebook, Youtube groups and specialised forums e.g. Netmums.

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