Are you stronger than you think?


There seemed to be a real heaviness at the start of the group today due to issues going on for group members.  By being able to talk about these issues it felt like the heaviness in the room lessened and people were able to smile and even laugh.  It reinforces how important it is to be able to say how you feel.  It was mentioned how important it is to have this “safe space” in the group where it is alright for people to be themselves without fear of judgement.  Through doing the “check in” today it really showed how courageous and strong people are in the way they deal with things even though they maybe do not see that themselves.

We looked at how we see ourselves and how to keep safe.  We explored how to be assertive and how to exercise self-care.  People can often find it hard to say no to people as they feel to do so would be letting others down.  As discussed in previous posts we can all be good at helping others but are maybe not as good as caring for ourselves.  While in recovery we have to show care for ourselves and to do what is right for our health and well-being even if it means being able to say no to people if that compromises our self-care.

Finally, being aware that this time of year can be very busy and demanding, the stress can feel overwhelming.  We looked at the tool below (which a group member had found in a Bridget Jones Diary!) as a way of organising and prioritising, realising that some things can even wait until January!  We discussed that when the ‘to do list’ looks too big, to maybe just concentrate on doing one thing a day.

The version below is taken from ‘The seven habits of highly effective people’ by Steven Covey.

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