Learning Self-Compassion

self compassion

As ever, great to see the group together showing their compassion for one other in making suggestions that could help each other while in difficult situations.  While each group member may have different life experiences to the others they can all collectively relate to the feelings of despair and loss of hope.  Being able to talk about things can help ease the feeling of isolation and thinking you are different to everyone else.

We discussed the need for us to be less self-critical and have more self-compassion.  At times we can be so harsh and judgmental of ourselves while dismissing our qualities.  Below is a link to an interesting website the group looked at while discussing self-compassion.



Lastly the group watched  a video about famous people who have had mental health problems.  The video reinforces the fact that we should not label others by illness, it does not define them as a person.  I’m sure when people watch this video (below) you will be more aware about the people’s accomplishments than you are of their struggles.





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