Support in dealing with change

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It was a really thought-provoking group today.  Once again it was very encouraging to hear group members learning to trust themselves and to be honest with others about how they feel.  Members have also learned to say what they feel would help them in their recovery.

Today our guest was Simon Hay from the Recovery Essentials Project.  Simon was talking about the work he provides in groups and in a one to one setting.  Some of the work he does includes:

  • Managing your money
  • Communication
  • Getting the best utility plans
  • Recycling

Group members found the talk very useful and enjoyed having the opportunity to ask any questions.  It can be so challenging for everyone in these tough economic times.  The changes in welfare reform are a big concern for a lot of people, and knowing who they can turn to if they do not understand the changes.  A lot of documentation regarding these changes can be lengthy and hard to understand, which in turn can begin to affect people’s health.

The group would like to thank Simon for coming to the group today to explain the work of Recovery Essentials.

If you would like any further information on Recovery Essentials please click the link below

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