A safe space


Today we had a smaller group but certainly no less productive.  Members have been going through a lot of challenges in their lives but acknowledge the massive support they receive from fellow members.   People have a sense of being there for one another through these developed friendships.  While in the group people can use this safe space to explore and unpack things that are on their minds without fear or ridicule.  A member commented on how she was advised by a medical professional to reduce her medication as her condition has improved due to the support of this group. We are delighted that people feel so supported by other members and that the group is well established and more health professionals know about it.

  • “Where do you go when you’re feeling suicidal or very low?
  •  where do you go for help?”

The group asked these important questions and saw the need for society and for those who provide resources to address them, as well as creating more awareness about what might help.  As mentioned in previous posts isolation and stigma can be hurdles in getting help.  Members thought that having  friendships was one of the biggest factors that could help in these situations.


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