The Group celebrate it’s 100th meeting and 2nd Birthday!

100th meeting

Today we had a little party to celebrate the group having achieved its 100th meeting and 2nd birthday.  It was great to  welcome two new members along and to give them an introduction to what the group is all about.  We played some fun party games and icebreaker games to make new members feel part of things.  While as a group we are always looking forward, we though it would be good today to look back over the 2 years and ask what people have got from the group.  Below are some comments;

“It has helped me learn how to deal with my depression”

“It has given me support and hope”

“We don’t hide or dwell”

“We share problems, drawing the sting from them”

“We can voice our fears”

“We are here for each other”

“It provides safety and security”

“We’ve come a long way”

“Great networking”

“I feel stronger”

“If I did not have the group I don’t think I would be here”

“It gives me a routine”

We would like to thank everyone for being part of this amazing group, here’s to the next 100 meetings!

2 thoughts on “The Group celebrate it’s 100th meeting and 2nd Birthday!

    1. Thanks Julia – good to hear from you!
      We were also crediting you and Keith for all your invaluable help and support in learning how to get the on-line side up and running. Just look at how Paul has come on with his media skills – just amazing. Thank you so much for all you did for us.

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