Support in dealing with change

  It was a really thought-provoking group today.  Once again it was very encouraging to hear group members learning to trust themselves and to be honest with others about how they feel.  Members have also learned to say what they feel would help them in their recovery. Today our guest was Simon Hay from the Recovery Essentials Project.  Simon was talkingContinue reading “Support in dealing with change”


It was nice to welcome a few group members back who had not been for a while due to being overseas. We continue to do our “Happy notice board” exercise every week.  It is really encouraging to hear how much this helps people.  If people can put something positive that has happened to them onContinue reading “Stigma”

A safe space

Today we had a smaller group but certainly no less productive.  Members have been going through a lot of challenges in their lives but acknowledge the massive support they receive from fellow members.   People have a sense of being there for one another through these developed friendships.  While in the group people can use thisContinue reading “A safe space”

The Group celebrate it’s 100th meeting and 2nd Birthday!

Today we had a little party to celebrate the group having achieved its 100th meeting and 2nd birthday.  It was great to  welcome two new members along and to give them an introduction to what the group is all about.  We played some fun party games and icebreaker games to make new members feel part of things.  While asContinue reading “The Group celebrate it’s 100th meeting and 2nd Birthday!”