Building a supportive community

It was great to welcome a new member along to the group today. We are always happy to have new members in the group, they can bring a fresh outlook on things.

A lady who follows our blog emailed us some data from the USA about suicide.  We would like to thank her for this.

(This can be found on . We looked at it as a group and it led to a thought provoking discussion considering the fact that there are higher suicide rates in certain states and not others. Some group members wondered  if one of the reasons for a higher percentage of suicides in certain areas could be due to geographical reasons, where people in less populated areas can be more isolated, as with the rural areas in Scotland.  If isolation is a reason for a higher number of suicides, we considered the vital importance of a supportive community and good friends.  We discussed how this can make a really powerful difference.


We looked at our ‘Safe Cards’ for making plans to keep people grounded during those times of extremely painful feelings when people just want a way out:

Safe Card

Someone I can contact;



Things I can do to look after myself

What can I tell myself:

How would I respond to a friend who was in a similar situation:

A quote that helps me:

Something I am grateful for:

What is my long term vision of my future:

Looking at these safe cards prompted the group to discuss how to ask for help; both being able to, and who you might speak to.  For some this was a GP, for others, understanding friends and still others recognised that being part of this group helped people to feel someone was with them during difficult times even when no-one was physically present.





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