Dealing with unhelpful thoughts

  We had a discussion about unwanted and intrusive thoughts and how they can be very overwhelming, causing fear, shame and guilt. We talked about how much energy is required to battle such thoughts.  People spoke about what can help; Safe cards, being aware that they are just thoughts, and the mindfulness practise of ‘ThoughtContinue reading “Dealing with unhelpful thoughts”

On Eagle’s wings

We had a really productive group today looking at various topics. Group members have been  showing enormous courage to push through challenges and achieve new things.  This has been made possible by learning to be more self-aware.  This began a discussion about how we can have control over our own emotions and responses. We recognised that we cannotContinue reading “On Eagle’s wings”

Building a supportive community

It was great to welcome a new member along to the group today. We are always happy to have new members in the group, they can bring a fresh outlook on things. A lady who follows our blog emailed us some data from the USA about suicide.  We would like to thank her for this. (This canContinue reading “Building a supportive community”

Exploring the myth around ‘Attention Seeking’

Today the group talked about some difficult issues but also managed to have some light relief with a fun game.   Group members felt that support from one another had been special at this difficult time.  While group members can sometimes struggle to make it to the group the support of others enables them to attend. AContinue reading “Exploring the myth around ‘Attention Seeking’”