The support of one another makes us stronger

group work 3
Today’s group was deep and very meaningful. Like many people around the world, we are still coming to terms with the tragic suicide of the much-loved actor and comedian Robin Williams. It further reinforces the fact that depression can affect anyone no matter what their circumstances are. You can be in a room with lots of people but still feel like the loneliest person in the world. We hope that all the publicity this has received will help knock down some of the stigmas around suicide/depression and encourage others to speak out about how they feel without shame or guilt.

Members continued filling in the group’s “good notice board” writing down all the good things that have happened to them during the week. As mentioned in previous posts we are encouraging members to “bank” these positive experiences. “Banking” these good times/achievements can help us maintain a sense of perspective while facing the challenges that life can bring.

We discussed the impact of parental mental health problems on children. Once again, all the group members listened attentively to each other’s point of view and showed an incredible amount of support for one other.

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