Banking good experiences

positive thought

We had a nice small group today that looked at a range of topics. Following on from last weeks’ meeting we continued to look at how to keep ourselves safe from doing things for others that come at a cost to us. We talked about how it is perfectly natural to feel anger at certain times in our lives, but the way we deal with the anger determines how we can move forward in a healthy, positive way.

In the light of previous meetings, we further discussed how easily we can forget the good things we have achieved and tend to focus more on the negative ones. We have created the “Good notice board” where every week group members will have the opportunity to put up positive experiences that have occured to them during the week. People commented on how doing this helps give them a balanced perspective of their lives.

We all had a really good laugh near the end of the group adding Elvis “puns” into every conversation after we read an article about an Elvis impersonator. It was so nice seeing everyone laugh and smile as having fun is such an imporatant part of this group.

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