Being kind to ourselves


Today we looked at ways in which we can continue to help others whilst at the same time caring for ourselves. We did an exercise where members wrote down the last time they did something to help another person, and how that made them feel.
People agreed that they liked helping others. “Giving” is one of the five ways to healthy wellbeing.
While it is beneficial for us all to help others, it can be challenging if we do not look after ourselves too. Some members find it hard to say “no” to suggestions made by others in case this upsets them, even though they may feel uncomfortable doing something they don’t really want to. People can be very compassionate and helpful to others, so we looked at applying the same compassion and care to ourselves. This is a common theme many people struggle with.

People in the group have been going through a lot of personal challenges in their lives but felt a bit better by the end of the group having gained more hope, support and the knowledge that the group is there and holds them.

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