Today we had a small group. It was great to welcome a new member who was made to feel very welcome by the other members. Some members are going through quite challenging times at the moment. Once again, the members were so supportive to each other in dealing with the challenges life can bring. WhilstContinue reading “Non-judgement”

Learning who I am

The group was quite informal and allowed people to really chat with one another about what is going on and to give and receive support. What transpired is that people are learning to be more self-aware and able to put support in place to look after themselves. People have also found strength to ask forContinue reading “Learning who I am”

The support of one another makes us stronger

Today’s group was deep and very meaningful. Like many people around the world, we are still coming to terms with the tragic suicide of the much-loved actor and comedian Robin Williams. It further reinforces the fact that depression can affect anyone no matter what their circumstances are. You can be in a room with lotsContinue reading “The support of one another makes us stronger”

Banking good experiences

We had a nice small group today that looked at a range of topics. Following on from last weeks’ meeting we continued to look at how to keep ourselves safe from doing things for others that come at a cost to us. We talked about how it is perfectly natural to feel anger at certainContinue reading “Banking good experiences”