Peace and tranquility


Today the group had their summer BBQ. It really was a beautiful and peaceful day held in the gorgeous surroundings of the private gardens. There was a real sense of togetherness and positivity from group members in the surroundings. It was a real team effort in terms of the preparation of the BBQ and transporting everything over to the gardens. We want to thank everyone involved for their help and support.

Below is an article about how nature can help our mental health:

“Nature is good medicine for the sick psyche. Nature doesn’t judge and cannot lie, and those are healing qualities. Judgmentalism and dishonesty are two responses from the outside world that […people who struggle with depression] rightly abhor. Many […people who struggle with depression] lives feel torn between needing company and needing solitude: nature provides both, at the same time.
What else happens, then, in this meeting of mind and green? Life happens: wriggly, thriving and green. In all its turning cycles – a season, a snail, a whirlpool of leaves in the wind – the sheer liveliness of the green world is good for the mind, for our psyches are life-lit, and on the lookout for all the vital signs, written in green.”
Jay Griffiths, Wednesday 8 January 2014

One thought on “Peace and tranquility

  1. Hi folks
    Glad the BBQ went well. You had such a splendid day for it. I enjoyed the article; it is a good reminder about how separate we can be from nature and actually how much we need it. It has certainly prompted me to dig out my walking shoes and head for the hills. (Well maybe a small one !)

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