Anecdotes of psychiatric care

Today group members chose to talk about their experiences. We know that commissioning services are keen for feedback towards new services, so Choose Life wanted to use their voice to say what would help. People thought that when they were admitted to psychiatric hospital they would have a space to heal and that somebody wouldContinue reading “Anecdotes of psychiatric care”

Please don’t let me be misunderstood

At Choose Life yesterday we played a game of picture Chinese Whispers and it was interesting to see how quickly our messages got misinterpreted and given a whole new meaning. “Its a sunny day” strangely became “a footballing yeti”! We went on to have a discussion about the frustrations of being misunderstood, or not beingContinue reading “Please don’t let me be misunderstood”

Peace and tranquility

Today the group had their summer BBQ. It really was a beautiful and peaceful day held in the gorgeous surroundings of the private gardens. There was a real sense of togetherness and positivity from group members in the surroundings. It was a real team effort in terms of the preparation of the BBQ and transportingContinue reading “Peace and tranquility”

Dealing With Stigma

Today we looked at ways to overcome the stigma of mental health. All the group members told of their own experiences of dealing with stigma around their health problems. Some members explained how while growing up they were told to simply “pull yourself together” and to “maintain a stiff upper lip”. We discussed how previousContinue reading “Dealing With Stigma”