We had a really interesting and constructive meeting today. It was nice to welcome back a member who had not been for a while. During the meeting today it became apparent how incredibly brave and courageous people are in dealing with the many challenges that life can bring. Every week we seem to hear more stories of people stepping out of their comfort zone and feeling a massive sense of achievement.

Today we also discussed elements of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the way that people can feel during a flashback or awakening from a nightmare. During times of crisis emotions we looked at ways to keep ourselves safe by creating a “safe card” which we can keep and fill in the details on it. Please see below for the template;

Safe Card
Someone I can contact;

Things I can do to look after myself

What can I tell myself:

How would I respond to a friend who was in a similar situation:

A quote that helps me:

Something I am grateful for:

What is my long term vision of my future:

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