We had a really interesting and constructive meeting today. It was nice to welcome back a member who had not been for a while. During the meeting today it became apparent how incredibly brave and courageous people are in dealing with the many challenges that life can bring. Every week we seem to hear moreContinue reading “Courage”

Supporting each other in a safe environment

A lot of people in the group have being going through challenging times but appreciated the fact that they could come to the group to talk about these issues. A common thread that comes up time and time again, is the length of time that people have to wait to see a psychiatrist or psychologist.Continue reading “Supporting each other in a safe environment”

Mental Health Cross Party Group At Scottish Parliament

Today we had shorter meeting due to members of the group going to the Scottish Parliament. We had some inspiring news of how a group member had overcome some fears and felt a real sense of achievement. This has really helped the member’s confidence, and they are looking to develop this new-found confidence in toContinue reading “Mental Health Cross Party Group At Scottish Parliament”

Not everything is black and white

Today we covered a lot of topics in the group. Firstly, we looked at what this group means to members. Some of the quotes were: “It’s my happy group” “It helps tackle stigma” “I’m still alive” “It helps me feel less isolated” “It shows that there is hope” We discussed gratitude, and the benefits ofContinue reading “Not everything is black and white”