Facing Fears

Facing Fears

Today we had a nice big group and it was lovely to welcome back a member who had not been for a while. This group is very much for people to choose when they attend. You may want to come every week, every couple of weeks, or once a month. The most important thing is for the individual to decide is what is best for you. When someone comes back to the group who has not been for a while, they are still made to feel very much part of it. Group members regularly comment on how the group feels like a “supportive family”.

In the group we looked at fear in our lives and how we have overcome some of our fears. In many ways we all have fears, but it is how we deal with them-do we allow fear to restrict us in our lives, or face them to lead a more fulfilling life. Group members talked about fears they had managed to overcome and how they removed power from the fear. Once you have managed to do this it is one of the best self empowering feelings you can get, a real sense of achievement.

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