Coping with suicidal thoughts

suicidal thoughts

Today in the group we looked at different ways that can help our thinking patterns when we feel in such a low, desperate place. Depression and pain can distort our thinking. It seems like we’re wearing very dark tinted “gloomy specs”. Everything looks different to how it really is. Thoughts are thoughts – not necessarily how things are, although it can certainly feels like the thoughts are true. Thoughts affect the way we feel, and thoughts and feelings affect the way we react, what we do. The group exercise was:
1. STOP – Stop and step back from the situation in your mind
2. TAKE A BREATH – Breath slowly once or twice
3. OBSERVE – What’s happening? what am I reacting to?
4. PULL BACK – Is this fact or opinion? What advice would I give someone else?
5. PRACTICE WHAT WORKS – What can I do that will be most helpful? Will it be effective and appropriate?

Group members were able to take the worksheets home with them to use over the week if required.

Lastly, we are in the process of arranging numbers for people who would like to attend the cross party group for mental health meeting at the Scottish Parliament on Thurs 12th June.

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