From Despair to Hope


We had a really big group today. It was really nice to welcome two new members and to also have someone back who had not been at the group for some time. A lot of group members have been going through really challenging times in their lives and were able to say how they feel. We discussed how despairing it feels while having a “breakdown”. We looked at how having felt at “rock bottom”, that we can use these experiences (no matter how hard) as a learning curve, in some ways flipping it over from a “breakdown” to a “breakthrough”

As it is mental health awareness week we listened to a couple of stories of people’s experiences with mental health issues and how it affected them. We focussed a lot of our discussion after on looking at ways of challenging the stigmas around mental health.

Lastly, we did an exercise where people talked about a piece of music that means something to them, and helps them move from a low mood to feeling a bit more happy. It was interesting hearing people’s music choices and what inspires/lifts them. There was a hint of it, but nobody mentioned the Spice Girls!

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