Coping with suicidal thoughts

Today in the group we looked at different ways that can help our thinking patterns when we feel in such a low, desperate place. Depression and pain can distort our thinking. It seems like we’re wearing very dark tinted “gloomy specs”. Everything looks different to how it really is. Thoughts are thoughts – not necessarilyContinue reading “Coping with suicidal thoughts”

From Despair to Hope

We had a really big group today. It was really nice to welcome two new members and to also have someone back who had not been at the group for some time. A lot of group members have been going through really challenging times in their lives and were able to say how they feel.Continue reading “From Despair to Hope”

The group visits the Stafford Centre

Today we had the pleasure of visiting the Stafford Centre in Broughton, Edinburgh. It is a resource for adults with mental health issues. The centre opens Mon-Fri 12-4pm. We were really impressed with all the different activities the centre provides. Some of these group activities range from; woodwork, walking, recovery/wellbeing, art and music to nameContinue reading “The group visits the Stafford Centre”