Learning acceptance and not being self-critical


Due to there being a lot of guests and outside group visits lately, we thought it would be good if we used today’s meeting for people to say how things are for them. The positive thing for people attending the group is that they feel safe here and can “drop their mask” and say how they really feel without fear or ridicule from what others may say.

By being able to talk about our fears/worries at groups like this, we realise that actually we are not alone in thinking certain thoughts and that in many ways some of our fears can be natural. It is the way we respond to our fears that can determine how we feel. One of the biggest obstacles in our lives can be how to learn to deal with “acceptance”. If you are of a certain age or have an illness, it’s so beneficial to learn to accept our situations and to do the best with what we have. One of the unhelpful traits we can do is to compare ourselves to others or ourself when we were younger. If we can learn to deal with acceptance, we will become much healthier for it, gaining more self-esteem in the process. If we are of a certain age physically we may not be able to do things we could when we were younger, but we can do is use our life experience to aspire to do new things we could not do earlier in life (It’s never too late to do what you want to do!).

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