Using our experiences for good

be the change you want

Today was a really thought-provoking and inspiring meeting. A thought process that was discussed and that people could relate to was;
“If i take my own life people will be better off without me”.

People do not necessarily want to die, they just want a way out of the pain they are in.

It was great to welcome Geoffrey back to the group for the first time this year. One of the things we looked at was learned destructive behaviours (which come from negative thoughts) throughout our life. We have the opportunity to turn around how we look at our past thoughts. We can use past experiences to help ourselves and others. We may not have gained this knowledge if we had not been through our own difficult life experiences. This does not take anything away from how challenging our past experiences have been but it can certainly help us see our present situations in a more positive light

We would like to thank Geoffrey again for attending today and inspiring us all!

We will leave you with an inspiring quotes relating to today’s meeting

“Nothing learned is ever wasted”

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