Having a voice

Today we had a smaller group today due to school holidays and other issues. The fact that the number was smaller did not take away from the good work which was done with the continued care and support shown for one another. We discussed the different ways that we respond to certain situations. An exampleContinue reading “Having a voice”

Learning acceptance and not being self-critical

Due to there being a lot of guests and outside group visits lately, we thought it would be good if we used today’s meeting for people to say how things are for them. The positive thing for people attending the group is that they feel safe here and can “drop their mask” and say howContinue reading “Learning acceptance and not being self-critical”

Using our experiences for good

Today was a really thought-provoking and inspiring meeting. A thought process that was discussed and that people could relate to was; “If i take my own life people will be better off without me”. People do not necessarily want to die, they just want a way out of the pain they are in. It wasContinue reading “Using our experiences for good”